ERT is a company of technical textiles applied to competitive markets, oriented to modern and urban lifestyles.
Mobility and consume are the strategic markets, but the company’s core business is the automotive sector where ERT is leader in Portugal.
  • 1992 Foundation of ERT starting as a flame laminating company
  • 2000 Starting activity for the automotive sector
  • 2004 ISO 9001 Certification
  • 2005 Introducing cutting technology
  • 2006 Starting activity in Romania
  • 2009 ISO/TS 16949 Certification
  • 2010 Introducing hot melt laminating technology
  • 2011 Introducing sewing technology
  • 2012 Starting a logistic platform in Poland
  • 2013 Acquisition of Reiner Interieur s.r.o., now ERT Automotive Bohemia s.r.o.

The beginning

ERT is located in São João da Madeira, in the heart of an environment of automotive and footwear industries, where it is established since 1992.

Initially called ERT Revestimentos Têxteis, Lda., the company was at that time a small laminating commission service company of textiles for covers and linings of shoes. The industrial process was developed in a small area of about 700 m2 and in the first year 100.000 meters were produced resorting to only one laminating machine and 7 human resources.

At the beginning of the 90s the footwear industry in Portugal was on top and was producing over 100 million pairs a year, when exports were carried out faster than imports. There were enormous opportunities for small commission service companies. The opportunities also appeared in the auto sector.

The automobile industry had already some tradition in Portugal and the foreign direct investment made by Ford-VW at AutoEuropa in 1995, and the establishment of General Motors in 1996, boosted the national expansion of the sector with industrial companies for the production and supply of motor parts, transmissions and brakes, electrical components and textile components for the interior of the vehicles.

The need for these textile components, as well as the growing trend for trimming and composites based on textiles, created bigger opportunities for companies with ERT’s technological specialization; opportunities which the company took advantage off.

Diversifying markets and expanding specialization The industrial nature of the region especially oriented to the supplying of automotive and footwear components, allowed ERT to understand the driving for its business. It was then decided as strategic to increase the turnover for these two markets, investing in technological innovation from 2002 in order to expand our specialization.

Since then ERT shifted its investments for technological innovation in order to increase its driving force. For ERT, the investment is a part of the economic growth. Therefore, the technological modernization for production up-grading and resulting innovation is the major reference for the company.

“We are European leaders because we have the largest production capacity for textile laminating related to a large variety of processes, due to the technological modernization”.

As a consequence of these strategic decisions and the resulting growth, nowadays ERT has got industrial activity in different countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Romania, and a logistic platform in Poland. ERT is also a specialist in textile laminating both by hot process (hot melt / flame bond / flat bed / calender) and cold process (spray). The technological processes at ERT are complemented with textile and leather cutting technologies and sewing technology for door panels and seats, besides finishings for visual effects.

ERT’s core business is mobility and when there is reference to mobility there is not only reference to the automotive sector, in which ERT is leaders in Portugal, but also to the railway, aircraft and nautical contribution.

  Business on consume market stands for complements to fashion products, but also well-being products and proposals of innovative materials on design and function.

The knowledge transfer achieved on the automotive sector, both in technological terms and in management techniques, leads ERT to higher exigency levels, as for example, the supplying of high quality semi-finished products for   international footwear brands.

“Improving from footwear to automotive gave us a bigger innovative capacity and also a bigger capacity to enter other markets”.

Innovation along with quality became essential for the company’s strategy in order to fulfill the exigent automotive requirements. This sector became an element of business dynamization which is the image of ERT’s business.

ERT is nowadays a national reference for the textile industry, for its customers, and OEMs, and this specialization gives the company the opportunity to reach railway, nautical and aircraft markets.

“We dedicate most of our time to motivating our clients to invest in development and innovation at ERT”.

The company’s competitive driving force to supply those markets relies on a team comprising experienced professionals and an industrial organization which has at its disposal wide machinery for coating, laminating, cutting, sewing and HF or embossing finishing.

ERT’s growth, so far, has contributed for the expansion of several businesses which lead to the foundation of the ERT Group and it is since 2010 a company of shareholder capital under the name of ERT Têxtil Portugal, S.A..