Innovation innovation effect
In order to supply competitive markets, it is strategic for ERT to add value through technology and industrial flexibility, but also through the synergies between the capacity to innovate and the strategic alliances with customers and research centers.

The automotive sector is crucial for ERT’s growth policy, because it is considered a leader in incorporation of advanced technology.

ERT knows that the guidelines of the technological development and innovation related to cars result from three main factors, namely consumer requirements, safety, and environment. It is understood as well that the consumer is the leading actor on the scene of new trends and new deciding factors of the technologies, for new businesses and new markets, which demand new communication strategies.

Partnerships for innovation

ERT was able to adapt to the evolution of the economic situation, benefiting from the opportunities generated by the automotive industrial development at the time.

Nowadays ERT is a company that has grown, modernized, and specialized, and has established solid partnerships with its clients and suppliers, widening its reputation around the company.