Excellency through

quality and innovation
With ISO 9001 certification since 2004 and ISO/TS 16949 since 2010 (this one being an ISO technical specification regarding automobile’s quality system standards) the company is ready to meet demanding specifications.
The demands made by the automobile constructors regarding, for example, the physiological comfort of a car seat, the impact of the quality of the material but also the demands regarding the physiological comfort in shoes (close to the skin) sets big challenges for the company in terms of physical and ecological quality, among others. Therefore the company’s quality system is set by following principles and legal demands, by having quality in the processing of materials, and by its performance when it comes to resilience and safety. Naturally, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification also guarantees safety and good reputation when referring to human ecology.
ERT benefits from ISO’s good reputation and according to ISO the international acknowledge of the “Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade” (Quality Management System) honors the image of the company and provides a continuous improvement of the processes, which results in a general performance improvement. These conditions lead to new opportunities in new sectors and new markets.
Managing strategic knowledge is crucial for ERT, therefore innovation is for the company an approach of transforming the knowledge on ERT’s economic development. Consequently in 2012 the company decided to move further with the certification process of the RDI management system with the standard NP 4457.