ERT – TÊXTIL PORTUGAL, S.A.’s Quality Management System follows standard
NP EN ISO 9001 as well as standard ISO/TS 16949.

Both standards NP EN ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 define and establish conditions, rules and ways of working in
the company regarding the organization of its Quality Management System applied to
“Textile laminating, thermo molding of technical and cutting pieces (presses and CadCAM)
and Textiles and Leather sewing.”


Quality Policy states that ERT – TÊXTIL PORTUGAL, S.A. will get the satisfaction of all clients in the areas of textile laminating, thermo molding of technical and cutting pieces (presses and CadCAM) and Textiles and Leather sewing, by using: Creativity Fully know the needs, expectations and requirements of the clients and fulfill them all. Work towards the implementation of an integrated Quality, Environment, Hygiene and Safety system in order to improve the organization and achieve the company’s client’s requirements. Efficiency Develop and deliver its products in an effective way. ERT commits to monitoring its short and long-term objectives, focusing in continuous improvements in order to reach the costs efficiency. Competency Provide its partners adequate training in the search of more knowledge, commitments, politics, know-how, and promote opportunities for personal growth, increasing worker’s motivation and satisfaction with the success of their own company. Communication Develop partnerships with suppliers and involve workers/partners in the achievement of the company’s quality objectives. Promote an open and honest work environment that inspires confidence to all workers through team work in order to have an understanding and learning environment between teams. Operation Control Keep the client satisfied with a high quality product through continuous monitoring and revision of his/her short and long-term objectives, working in the improvement of areas such as services, costs, quality, environment and technology. Continuously improve the efficiency and efficacy of the Quality Management System through following the standards, the client’s and product’s requirements, as well as legal ones.